Friday, February 18, 2005

Here's a sure sign that Colin Powell is no longer running State:

'America would back Israel attack on Iran'

Thursday, February 17, 2005

UN inspectors 'spent their days drinking'

That's actually far more productive than anything we'd have guessed they were doing.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Friday, February 11, 2005

Another one for the good guys:

Senate OKs Limit on Class Action Lawsuits

We're tempted to go out on a limb and opine, based on the Senate majorities for this vote (72-26) and the Gonzales confirmation (60-36) that obstruction may be less of a problem this year than many of us had feared. We'll know for sure when the 10 filibustered Appeals Court nominees come up for a vote.
The mad mullahs who run Iran have promised a "burning hell" for any aggressor (Hat Tip Best of the Web).

No doubt the rhetorical intensity will increase over the coming months, and we'll soon be faced with "The Mother of All Burning Hells."

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The State of Florida is working on a new law that would allow people to shoot intruders in their homes without having to ascertain the malefactor's intentions first. As the Evil and Villainous NRA puts it:

"You can't expect a victim to wait and ask, "Excuse me, Mr. Criminal, are you going to rape me and kill me, or are you just going to beat me up and steal my television?' "

What a concept.

The article also helpfully points out that:

The bill has law enforcement support because it does not allow homeowners to shoot law officers...
Jim Hoagland writes in the Washington Post:

Cheney's instinct for the unvarnished was on display during his Jan. 20 conversation with Imus on MSNBC. The vice president did not retreat into diplo-speak when Imus asked him what dangers Iran's nuclear program posed: Iran's stated intention to destroy Israel meant that "the Israelis might well decide to act first and let the rest of the world worry about cleaning up the diplomatic mess afterwards," Cheney replied.

His words sent foreign officials skittering to the White House and State Department to ask if the vice president had just endorsed or warned against an Israeli preemptive strike.

Cheney has declined opportunities to dispel that uncharacteristic ambiguity.

Hold the phone! Ambiguity? How could any phrase be less ambiguous? Perhaps Mr. Hoagland has been listening to Bill Clinton so long he no longer possesses the ability to understand "plainspeak."
Glenn Reynolds of InstaPundit has a piece in the Wall Street Journal discussing Tennessee governor Phil Bredesen as a possible Democratic candidate for President in 2008.

The article is worth reading, and Bredesen seems like the kind of Democratic we'd like to see more of, but his chances in 2008 are nil. Why? He'd have to get nominated by the party of Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid. He'd have to raise money from Democratic paymasters like Barbara Streisand and George Soros. He'd have to get the crowd and Michael Moore to support him.

Fat chance.
We fondly remember Ronald Reagan's response when asked by a reporter about the military buying a hammer for $300. He said yes, it's a problem, but keep in mind that this administration is the one that discovered it.

Enter North Korea. It's a problem, but one that the Bush administration has highlighted, not created.

Today North Korea has officially and publicly admitted what everyone already knew: They have nukes. They also pulled out of diplomatic talks and again threatened an invasion of the South.

How come these guys always escalate when we start getting serious with someone in the Middle East? The last time the North rattled its saber we were ramping up to invade Iraq--some unserious leftys even questioned why we didn't invade North Korea first. Now we are starting to get serious with Iran and the North is at it again. It's almost as if they were working together, you know, in some kind of axis of evil or something.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Enough foreplay. Start dropping the bombs!
We love the oft repeated quip that the only thing the left is liberal about is sex. It appears they are also rather obsessed with it. Here's an interesting back and forth on the topic of gays. (Hat Tip Polipundit).

In case you have better things to do than wade through the noise, the bottom line is this: For years gays have told us that what happens in a person's bedroom is private and to mind our own business. Now they are upset that we are doing just that. Now they want us to care about what they are doing in their bedrooms.

No thanks.
We recently argued that the outcome of the 2006 Senate races will depend more on vacancies and recruiting than anything else. Well, as if on cue, Best of the Web is reporting the first putative vacancy:

Sen. Mark Dayton, the Minnesota Democrat who fled Washington in October because he feared a terrorist attack but returned after President Bush's re-election, is leaving the capital for good. St. Paul's KSTP-TV reports Dayton will retire from the Senate after just one term:

Dayton had been seen as vulnerable in a run for a second term. Late last month, a Star Tribune Minnesota Poll found Dayton's approval rating had fallen to 43 percent.

Dayton's departure from the race presents a major opportunity for Republicans in a state that has become increasingly more friendly to GOP politicians. Among those considering bids were Congressmen Gil Gutknecht and Mark Kennedy, as well as former Senator Rod Grams, who lost to Dayton in 2000.

Minnesota is a longtime Democratic bastion in presidential races, last backing a Republican in 1972. But in 2002 the GOP won races for both senator and governor, and John Kerry's margin last year was only 3.5%. You can bet the GOP will be eyeing this seat.

Monday, February 07, 2005

The Animal House character Dean Wormer offers advice to Michael Moore:

"Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life son."
The International Herald Tribune has a story about US citizens moving to Canada. Fair enough, but how about the millions who come to the US each year from all over the world, including Canada? Seems that if immigration versus emigration is a proper standard then Bush wins by more than 99% of the vote.

To those leaving, we wish you well. Really. What you are doing is not unprecedented. Before, during and after the Revolutionary War many Tories left the US for Canada, which remains to this day a member of the Commonwealth. God Save the Queen and don't let the door hit you on the way out.

Back to the IHT (a subsidiary of the notorious NYT). Focusing on those leaving without mentioning the long lines to get in is analogous to writing about the handful of people moving to Cuba each year while ignoring the thousands who risk their lives to get out. For shame.